Our detailed knowledge of the early locomotives is mainly thanks to Geo. Fredk. Birdís LOCOMOTIVES OF THE GREAT NORTHERN RAILWAY, first published by the Locomotive Publishing Company (1903).  There is a modern edited by John Christopher (2013) which includes all Bird's line drawings, making it a handy edition to consult if the reader is more interested in their appearance than mere facts and figures.  The illustrations in this History are taken from Bird's final edition, and for the reader's convenience the figure numbers are quoted.  This of course only covers down to 1910.  One omission, which the present author would have liked to have seen depicted, is Stirling 4-2-2 No. 1007 with its domed boiler.


GNR Preamble

Doncaster Plant Works

GNR Class A 4-2-2

GNR Class A 4-6-2

GNR Class B 2-2-2

GNR Class C 4-4-2

GNR Class C 4-4-2T

GNR Class D 4-4-0

GNR Class E 2-4-0

GNR Class F 0-4-2

GNR Class F 0-4-2T

GNR Class G 0-4-4T

GNR Class H 2-6-0

GNR Class J 0-6-0

GNR Class J 0-6-0ST

GNR Class J 0-6-0T

GNR Class K 0-8-0

GNR Class L 0-8-2T

GNR Class M 0-4-0

GNR Class N 0-6-2T

GNR Class O 2-8-0


PreamblePlant WorksA 4-2-2, A 4-6-2, B 2-2-2, C 4-4-2, C 4-4-2TD 4-4-0, E 2-4-0, F 0-4-2, F 0-4-2ST,
G 0-4-4T, H 2-6-0,
 J 0-6-0, J 0-6-0ST0-6-0TK 0-8-0L 0-8-2T, MC Motor coachN 0-6-2TO 2-8-0